Showing Gratitude for our Military Heroes this New Years Eve

This will be the 4th year that we have been honored to present the Charleston New Years Eve Rose Ball at the Citadel’s Johnson Hagood Stadium!   Every year we are blessed with some of the most solid individuals in the world, who have spent countless hours protecting us so we can live the lives we live on a daily basis.   In honor of these amazing individuals… The Charleston Rose Ball is showing gratitude for our military heroes this New Years Eve with a military discount on general admission tickets.  If you are one of these incredible people, THANK YOU for your service and please feel free to use the promo code ‘military’ at checkout for as many discounted tickets as you wish!

Charleston After Dark & IceBox Bar would like to give a special shout out to some special members of our Charleston Crew who have become a part of our family and who have also fearlessly served in our military!  We heart all of you!  Johnny Bryant, Cato K, Chris Gillispie, David Bryant, Ed Sutton, Gabe West, Kyle Stewart and Eric Rosado (all pictured bel0w)… Our hats off to you!!!

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Eric Cato Dave Kyle Gabe EdS chrisg johnny